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Be Hopeful - It's Adar!

Could it be? Might we be heading toward endemic, instead of pandemic? Will we be able to uncover our faces again?

It was right around Purim, two years ago, that Santa Clara County in California sent out that first “shelter in place” order. Since then, we have gradually re-entered the world thanks to vaccines, masking and social distancing. Many of us have lost loved ones. All of us have PTSD.

I have reminded myself many times over the last two years, that we – the Jewish people – have been through much worse. Those reminders do not take away the pain of being unable to say “good-bye” to friends and family due to COVID restrictions, nor do they take away the pain of missing weddings, funerals and baby namings.

They do help to remind me, however, that we are a resilient, hopeful people – and we have the capability to move forward from strength to strength if we allow ourselves to do so. Those reminders also serve to let me know that we have a responsibility to ourselves, as well as to others, to continue to fight to make this world a better place.

As we move into the month of Adar II, that month in which Purim once again demands us to make merry, let’s enter this next phase (whatever it brings) with full hearts. Let us recommit ourselves to the work of this world: to cleaning up polluted air, waterways and oceans; to working toward greater inclusivity, and taking a deep dive into our own implicit biases; to working toward bridging differences instead of emphasizing them.

The next time I write, it will be back to my usual clean products topics. For now, may this be an Adar II in which, “Be happy, it’s Adar!” brings true meaning and joy to our lives.

Chag Purim Sameach -


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